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2020 Best New Products Awards Winner: Healthy Snacks


CLIF Coffee Collection Dark Chocolate Mocha Energy Bars, CLIF Bar

Crafted with sustainably sourced organic coffee beans from Colombia, CLIF Coffee Collection Energy Bars are available in three invigorating flavors: Dark Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Macchiato, and Vanilla Almond. Our testers preferred the Dark Chocolate Mocha flavor with its fudgy consistency, chocolate-covered organic coffee beans, and chunks of dark chocolate mocha. With an espresso shot's worth of caffeine, these bars are a tasty way to kickstart the morning or to enjoy anytime. Due to stay-at-home boredom and COVID-19 stress, the consumer is looking for a little pick-me-up. Even when the coffee shop is out of reach, these are a satisfying, quality choice.

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