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2020 Best New Products Awards Winner: Other Tobacco Products/Smokeless


Velo Nicotine Lozenges, R.J. Reynolds Vapor Products

According to McKinsey's U.S. Tobacco Market Landscape Strategic Assessment, June 2019, the oral nicotine category is expected to grow at approximately 70 percent annually as adult tobacco consumers expand beyond traditional tobacco. VELO dissolvable nicotine lozenges are mess-free, hassle-free and tobacco-free. They were a big hit among adult panelists who want a discreet "anytime" alternative to traditional combustible and smokeless tobacco products. The hard lozenges are firm, hold their shape as they dissolve, and have a crisp mouthfeel. Every VELO lozenge contains approximately 1.7 milligrams of nicotine. The mint flavor was the frontrunner with our testers.

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