2020 Best New Products Awards Winner: Overall Innovation


Fry Baby Clear, Anchor Packaging

This year's pandemic-related lockdowns caused a shift to quick grab-and-go, delivery and curbside pickup. Fry Baby clear, hinged containers keep food hot and crispy and ready for on-the-go shoppers. No more soggy or cold fried foods. The 6-inch-by-3-inch package uses a patented, convection crossflow design to relieve moisture and condensation while maintaining food temperature. Through-the-closure ventilation, with raised airflow channels in the base of the container, combined with venting in the anti-fog lid, ensure fried foods remain hot and crispy even when packages are stacked in a bag. The unique design of this packaging retains internal temperatures and food texture for fried foods up to four hours in a hot display case and 30 minutes in transit. Packages will withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees. Our panelists compared Fry Baby clear containers holding fried chicken and fries to white plastic foam snap containers of similar size as well as a coated folding box, and this tested superior.