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2021 Category Captain for Cigars: Cheyenne International

The company strives to improve OTP category profitability for its retailers.

Known for making a high-quality filtered cigar at a reasonable price, Cheyenne International is committed to its partnerships with retailers and strives to improve OTP category profitability for them. The company goes beyond the pack and provides successful merchandising solutions, a strict focus on regulatory compliance, and specialized retail programs that ensure store owners are armed with everything they need to prosper and grow their OTP profits.

Featuring a product that is proudly made in the USA and 100 percent guaranteed, Cheyenne Cigars are a leader in the marketplace. Nationwide, Cheyenne holds the top three cigar SKUs: Menthol at No. 1, Full Flavor at No. 2, and Wild Cherry at No. 3. Of the top five SKUs nationwide, Cheyenne Filtered Cigars represent 80 percent of those SKUs. Looking at the volume of the national top five filtered cigar SKUs, Cheyenne accounts for 85 percent of that volume. Its nationwide market share of filtered cigars is 22 percent.

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