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22nd Century Unveils Bold Brand Message for Red Sun Cigarettes

CLARENCE, N.Y. — 22nd Century Group Inc. is bringing a new "Extremely Nicotine" message for its Red Sun brand of cigarettes to adult tobacco consumers through a newly redesigned website. 

The new Red Sun website articulates the brand's core values, including authenticity, independence, boldness and an unconventional attitude. 

"The Red Sun website serves as our company's 'Ground Zero' of brand awareness," said Nathan P. Schmitt, director of marketing for 22nd Century. "Positioned very much like Red Bull energy drinks, Red Sun is a bold, super-premium brand. Consumers have embraced Red Sun; in fact, as showcased on our website, nearly 200 adult smokers across the country have become 'Red Sun extremists' by tattooing our brand's logo on their bodies."

According to the company, 22nd Century does not encourage non-smokers to start smoking, or current smokers to smoke more. However, it believes consumers should have a choice of nicotine levels between cigarette brands. 

22nd Century's factory manager, Barry Saintsing, is highlighted on the new Red Sun website as the "father of the blend." Identified as Red Sun's master tobacconist, Saintsing served 36 years with R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. as a master product developer where he worked to perfect tobacco blends in the United States and other countries around the world. 

22nd Century also introduced a new Green Thumb initiative on the redesigned website's "Plant a Tree" page. The company is working with four nonprofit organizations — Green Seattle Partnership, The Park People, California ReLeaf and Friends of Trees — to plant a tree for every case of Red Sun cigarettes sold. The stated goal of the initiative is to promote urban and community forest renewal and improve the natural beauty of urban centers and parks across the U.S.

This marketing push behind its extreme nicotine cigarette brand comes as 22nd Century Group is also pursuing a Modified Risk Tobacco Product (MRTP) application with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Brand A Very Low Nicotine cigarettes. The Clarence-based company recently met with FDA officials to discuss the MRTP application it submitted earlier this month. 

"Conclusive independent laboratory testing proves that 22nd Century's Brand A cigarettes contain less than 0.6 mg nicotine per cigarette and less than 0.05 mg nicotine yield per cigarette," according the company. 

The MRTP application requests that Brand A packaging and marketing be allowed to disclose to consumers that the product contains 95 percent less nicotine than conventional brands and "drastically reduces smokers' exposure to nicotine," according to 22nd Century.

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