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7-Eleven Adds New Beverages to Its Stores

Bravo! Foods International has shipped its co-branded Milky Way Slammers for sale in the refrigerated dairy section of participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

"Bravo! is a key player in helping 7-Eleven develop new products to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers," said Kurt Schumacher, dairy category manager for the Dallas-based chain. "The co-branding, taste profile and nutritional value offered by Milky Way Slammers makes the product a solid addition to our fresh, daily-delivered dairy offering."

7-Eleven operates or franchises roughly 5,800 stores in the United States and Canada and licenses about 22,700 stores in 17 other countries and U.S. territories throughout the world.

"7-Eleven is America's largest and best-known convenience store retailer and we expect Slammers to be well-received by its nutrition- conscious, convenience-oriented consumers," said Roy Warren, CEO of Bravo! Foods in North Palm Beach, Fla.

Slammers vitamin-fortified flavored milks are now available at more than 30,000 retail outlets nationwide.

In other news, 7-Eleven is exclusively offering YES!, a beverage by Winnsboro, La.-based Natural Precepts LLC, which contains 12 vitamins, eight antioxidants, 10 fortified minerals, 70 trace minerals, 22 amino acids and other essential nutrients.

YES!, short for "Your Essential Source" provides a 75 percent absorption rate for these nutrients, approximately five times the rate for multivitamin tablets and capsules.

"As both a functional beverage and a vitamin supplement, YES! is well positioned to fit the needs of the 7-Eleven consumer," said Jessica Strauss, 7-Eleven's category manager of non-alcoholic beverages product development. "We are pleased with the flavor profile and excited about the potential of this new product."

YES! is exclusive to 7-Eleven through the end of this month.
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