7-Eleven Clears the Air

7-Eleven Inc, the Dallas-based operator of more than 5,700 convenience stores in North America, said it would install the Titan IV commercial air sterilization system manufactured by Airtech International Group Inc. at a company-owned store in Texas.

The objective of the installation is to field test and demonstrate the viability of the new Titan IV in-duct air sterilization system, the companies said in a statement.

"Our objective in conducting this test for 7-Eleven was to examine if this technology has the ability to reduce the annual maintenance charges on each store -- from 12 visits to 4 visits -- reduce absenteeism and increase customer satisfaction," said Clifford Spicer, a project manager for Airtech. "If Airtech's products can handle this vigorous challenge there is great promise for the entire chain."

The Titan IV, is designed to be incorporated in new or existing stores or retrofitted into existing units to provide store owners protection against indoor air pollutants, such as mold spores, bacteria, viruses, pollen, odors, and many toxic gases. The uniqueness of the product is its ability to sterilize and eliminate as opposed to merely filtering or collecting pollutants, all within the capacity of existing blowers and ventilation equipment, Spicer added.

If test results are positive, 7-Eleven said it would consider expanding the ventilation system to other stores.
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