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7-Eleven Getting Fresh

7-Eleven Inc. yesterday reached an agreement with Concord, N.C.-based Cardinal Logistics Management Inc. to provide third-party logistics services to support 650 7-Eleven stores in the Mid-Atlantic and Chesapeake regions of the United States.

The agreement includes refrigerated crossdock management and daily fresh-food deliveries for three consolidated distribution centers. Individual stores will place orders for time-sensitive products including dairy, sandwiches, pastries, produce, bread and various beverages by 10 a.m. for delivery by 5 a.m. the following day.

The distribution centers covered in the deal support stores in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington.

"Daily delivery assures that made-to-order fresh foods and other perishables are transferred to stores just a few hours after preparation, improving our competitive advantage in the marketplace," said David Podeschi, vice president of demand chain integration for 7-Eleven. "In our search for a logistics partner, we found Cardinal well-positioned to meet our current standards for quality and efficiency, as well as our future growth opportunities."
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