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7-Eleven Installs Gift Card "Mini Malls"

DALLAS -- To offer consumers a convenient place to "gift-card shop," 7-Eleven has added a freestanding center offering gift cards from a variety of retailers, restaurants and entertainment venues.

7-Eleven has installed this "mini-mall" in its stores with gift cards from $10 to $70. The cards include options from iTunes; Blockbuster; Hollywood Video; Bennigan's; Steak & Ale; Bonanza; Ponderosa; Utix Golf, Spa and Movie gift tickets; Sharper Image; Bass Pro; Foot Locker; FTD; and America West Airlines.

"Gift cards are no longer considered the lazy way to shop or as a last resort for those uncreative types," said Ron Hannah, 7-Eleven category manager for payment card development. "Today, people are asking specifically for and hoping to get gift cards. The cards are small and easy for us to carry and people can pick one or several up while doing their normal daily activities -- stopping for a cup of coffee, filling up their car or grabbing lunch."

7-Eleven also offers its own convenience card, which can be loaded with dollar amounts from $5 to $500, Hannah said.
"We have a lot of loyal customers who I'm sure would love to get a Convenience Card," said Hannah. "Teens and kids especially like getting them for things like gas, wireless phone reloads and Slurpee and Big Gulp beverages. It offers something for everyone -- a fill-up for the car, free coffee for the winter, a month of Slurpee drinks, snacks, sandwiches, sweets, one-time-use cameras, wireless phones, prepaid phone cards, whatever they like to buy at 7-Eleven."

As an added value, for every $10 loaded onto a Convenience Card during November and December, the customer receives $1, up to $10 in cash, said the company.
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