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7-Eleven Launches FHM Promotion With Nokia

NEW YORK -- Copies of the December issue of FHM sold at participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide are polybagged with a special scratch-off instant-win card and a $10-off coupon towards the purchase of a 7-Eleven Speakout Wireless/Nokia 3200 camera phone available only at participating 7-Eleven stores. This instant-win promotion offers one FHM reader who purchases his December issue at 7-Eleven the grand-prize package of an all-expense-paid trip for two to New Orleans to attend the Nokia Sugar Bowl.

Hundreds of prizes will be given away through the scratch-off card promotion, including Nokia phones featuring the 7-Eleven/Speakout Wireless service.

"This promotion is a win for both the consumer and also on the business side of the equation," said Kevin Elliott, vice president of merchandising for 7-Eleven. "First, customers receive added value and convenience on our proprietary Speakout Wireless product, an already strong consumer offering that offers competitive airtime rates and lets customers instantly use the purchased phone. On the business side, the promotion is consistent with our team merchandising concept of bringing together vendors from different categories to build unique promotional platforms that generate value for all participants."
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