7-Eleven Launches Prepaid Cellular Program in Canada

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7-Eleven Launches Prepaid Cellular Program in Canada

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- 7-Eleven Inc. is introducing a new prepaid cellular program, Speak Out Wireless in 358 of its stores across Canada.

The program features Nokia mobile phones ready-for-use out of the box with a pre-assigned phone number, a pre-charged battery and $10 of free airtime. The rates include 20 cents-per-minute airtime with no restrictions, 5-cent text messaging to anyone and up to one year use of purchased airtime. Voice mail, caller ID and three-way calling are part of the package at no extra charge.

"The Speak Out cell phones offer some of the lowest-cost prepaid wireless services with no activation needed," said 7-Eleven product manager Roger Barratt. "This is ideal for the cost-conscious consumer who is seeking an easy-to-understand wireless program. It offers all of the same benefits of contract programs, without the contracts or monthly bills. You only pay for what you use."

For 30 cents per minute, callers get domestic long-distance calls anywhere in Canada and the United States. Customers can also take advantage of cost-effective international calling to more than 200 countries with competitive pricing compared to most prepaid wireless services. There are no additional access fees.

Phone options include the Nokia 1100 phone at $65 with text messaging, Vibra alert, games, flashlight and ring composer, or the Nokia 3120 handset at $115 with color screen, screen savers, speaker phone and front-panel flashes with ring tone rhythm.

"Now that the Nokia 1100 and the Nokia 3120 mobile phones are available at 7-Eleven stores, consumers can enjoy the ease of purchase with Nokia's renowned ease-of-use," said Glen Graham, channel development and sales director for Nokia.

The phones can be purchased at 7-Eleven's in-store displays, called "Wireless Without Strings."