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7-Eleven Offers Deal on Beer Sales

OAK LAWN, Ill. -- A lawmaker who is pushing to rid convenience store shelves of single serve beer soon will be able to gauge how much of an impact it will have on sales and sales tax revenue with the support of 7-Eleven Inc., reported the Chicago Tribune.

Dallas-based 7-Eleven Corp. is purchasing an Oak Lawn convenience store and has agreed not to sell individual cans of beer or bottles of beer less than 22 ounces, 7-Eleven attorney Jennifer Gallery told the paper. The attorney said there is no ordinance against selling any size container of beer, and that 7-Eleven made the concession to comply with the trustee's request.

Before the agreement with 7-Eleven, trustee Jerry Hurckes had asked a village board committee to consider amending the liquor ordinance to ban the sale of individual bottles or cans of beer at convenience stores, but so far he has not won unanimous support.

"There is concern that this will inhibit business and have a negative impact on sales at convenience stores," he told the Tribune.

An analysis of sales tax revenue after one year will provide more insight, he said.
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