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7-Eleven Partners With to Recruit Employees

CHICAGO -- 7-Eleven Inc. and other major companies are partnering with Alliance Q to better connect job seekers to employers.

Through AllianceQ's new, a free recruitment service available to employers of all sizes and workers of all levels and skills, the c-store chain, Starbucks, Office Depot, Sears and other companies will be able to generate a list of qualified, skilled and interested job seekers.

"In this economy we are seeing far more job seekers and far fewer jobs, to the point where some job boards have actually taken to charging job seekers to help them find work," said Phil Haynes, director of AllianceQ, a collaboration of Fortune 500 companies, based here. " allows companies to save on job posting and search and recruitment fees, as well as give all job seekers an equal chance to be found and hired."

The average American has more than 30,000 places to search for work. American employers spend approximately $60 billion a year trying to find and hire new employees, Alliance Q noted in a statement.

According to a survey by the Employment Management Association, the average cost to post an open position, identify the appropriate candidate and fill the position is approximately $10,000. will connect employers with job seekers with no recruiting, job posting or advertising fees.

U.S. employers will be able to access a candidate database of people ranging across all experience levels and skill sets for the remainder of 2009. For businesses with fewer than 100 employees, the offer continues through July 2010.

AllianceQ is powered by QuietAgent, a next-generation job matching network. Companies and candidates can visit to learn more.

In other 7-Eleven news, the chain continues to look forfranchisees in the Richmond, Va., area to take over its company-operated stores.

Of the 96 stores in the Richmond/Petersburg, Va., market, the retailer has sold 11 to franchisees, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. In the Philadelphia market, only two of its 155 stores remain company-owned. In the Baltimore market, all but nine of the 175 stores have been sold to franchisees.

According to 7-Eleven literature, the cost of franchising a store is approximately $185,000, which includes inventory, permits, supplies, licensing and franchise fees. The exact franchise fee varies and depends on gross profit over the previous 12 months, the newspaper reported. The chain retains ownership of the real estate.

Larry Draper, 7-Eleven franchise sales manager for the Richmond market, told the newspaper that franchises may become more expensive after the company-owned stores are sold.

"Once the area is 90 to 95 percent franchised, the possibility of acquiring a 7-Eleven store without paying what 7-Eleven calls a 'goodwill premium' to [an existing] owner diminishes," he said.

The goodwill premium is what a buyer pays to an existing franchisee over and above the standard cost of $185,000.

The company also is offering military veterans a 10-percent discount on the franchise fee. The special is being offered by the company in 30 states, including Virginia.

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