7-Eleven Poll Leans Toward Obama Victory

DALLAS -- Although several national polls claim it's a tossup regarding who will win the national election between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in 13 days, 7-Eleven Inc. is telling a different story.

The convenience store chain, which has been selling red coffee cups to customers who plan to vote for Romney and blue cups for Obama, has the latter ahead in its unscientific poll in 32 states, according to the Arizona Republic.

Romney leads in two states. 7-Eleven does not have stores in the remaining 16 states.

Obama currently leads the poll in all states except Idaho and West Virginia, according to the poll. Despite being unofficial, the 7-Eleven poll has been quite accurate in the past in predicting presidential election winners.

Nationwide, Obama holds a 59- to 41-percent lead in 7-Eleven's polling. However, the news outlet noted that the numbers could be skewed in some areas. For example, the 7-Eleven poll claims that Obama has a strong lead in Utah, while official polls have shown that Romney, a Mormon candidate, should win big in the state.

Four years ago, 7-Eleven's unofficial poll predicted the popular vote nearly to the exact numbers. Coffee sales predicted Obama would defeat Republican Sen. John McCain by a 52- 46-percent margin.

The actual popular vote came in a 52.9 percent for Obama and 45.7 percent for McCain in 2008.

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