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7-Eleven Store Turns Skate Shop

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- The 7-Eleven convenience store on Magnolia Boulevard here has been a popular spot for skateboarders who visit the nearby North Hollywood Park. And to cater to these customers further, the store recently teamed with professional skater/reality show star Rob Dyrdek of MTV's "Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory" to revamp the location and offer useful products to these skate enthusiasts, according to

The partnership between Dyrdek and 7-Eleven goes both ways, as the new 7-Eleven Urban Skate Store, operated by franchisee Koorosh Shahrokh, will be home to both regular 7-Eleven merchandise and exclusive Wild Grinders merchandise. The exterior of the store now sports Wild Grinders graphics, and to celebrate the occasion, Dyrdek designed a special Wild Grinders Slurpee cup, which will be sold exclusively at 7-Eleven stores nationwide this fall, according to the report.

Across the street from the new store, Dyrdek opened a "Safe Spot Skate Spot" location in the North Hollywood Park, offering skaters a safe place and good equipment to perfect their sport. The new "Safe Spot Skate Spot" Skate Plaza was realized with the help of a $250,000 donation from 7-Eleven to the Rob Dyrdek Foundation, the report stated.

Dyrdek opened the skate park and unveiled the new 7-Eleven Urban Skate Store earlier this week by meeting with fans and skaters, and also gave away exclusive 7-Eleven/Wild Grinders merchandise such as T-shirts, cups and keychains, according to the Web site.

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