7-Eleven Stores of Oklahoma Launch Rewards Card

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7-Eleven Stores of Oklahoma Launch Rewards Card


OKLAHOMA CITY — 7-Eleven Stores of Oklahoma, a chain of independently owned stores that carry the 7-Eleven brand, is cutting down on credit card fees and helping customers save money at the pump with a new fuel discount card. The Thx! rewards card, short for "thanks," will give users a discount of up to 5 cents per gallon on 7-Eleven fuel, reported The Oklahoman.

The card is linked directly to a customer's checking account, which allows 7-Eleven Stores of Oklahoma to bypass credit card fees.

"The impetus for the card is twofold really — we are attempting to convert credit card users to this because the cost of accepting credit is ridiculously high," stated Jim Brown, CEO of 7-Eleven Stores of Oklahoma. "So if we convert a credit card customer, we are just passing along the savings and allowing them to take advantage of the discount."

The company plans to offer additional rewards and other perks for using the card in the coming months, according to Brown.

Thx! cards are available for free at the chain's 110 7-Eleven stores in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Customers can then sign up online at www.ThxOK.com, where they must link the card to their checking account and set up a PIN for security. Customers will receive an e-mail after every purchase made using the card, and are never liable for fraudulent transactions.

Families can link multiple Thx! cards to one checking account, according to the report.