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7-Eleven Taps Web to Reach Slurpee Generation

DALLAS -- 7-Eleven Inc. is taking its No. 1 brand, Slurpee, to the Internet, reported the Dallas Morning News.

The Dallas-based convenience store chain launched and a summertime Slurpee promotion on Tuesday with partners Nokia, Musicmatch and Coca-Cola. Customers can buy Slurpee apparel on the site and access downloadable songs and wireless phone rings.

7-Eleven came up with the multichannel promotion after it discovered in focus groups that there's a huge "Slurpee generation" out there that's been difficult to reach, said John Ryckevic, 7-Eleven category manager for Slurpee and fountain drinks.

"We know they love music and spend a lot of time on the Internet, and they all have cellphones and they all tell us they love Slurpees," he said. "Communication methods are constantly changing. It's a challenge to reach our youngest customers, who are the first to try something new."

Slurpee is an exclusive 7- Eleven product. The chain introduces flavors several times a year with partners that include gum maker Wrigley Co. and Coca-Cola.
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