7-Eleven TV Going Live Nationwide

DALLAS -- Starting next week, Harris Corp. will deploy broadcast TV-quality digital out-of-home screen technology across all 6,200 7-Eleven stores nationwide as part of the rollout of 7-Eleven TV, MediaPost News reported.

Launched in 2010, 7-Eleven TV currently operates in 500 stores and is part of a rapidly expanding marketplace of digital out-of-home media, including place-based networks that are blurring the lines of television for advertisers, agencies, and especially consumers.

Once fully deployed, 7-Eleven TV will rank as the "fourth largest broadcast TV network" based on projections of Nielsen "gross rating point" data, the report stated.

7-Eleven TV broadcasts ad-supported programming tailored to specific markets, customer segments and dayparts. Its 6,200 stores reach an estimated 200 million shoppers each month.

Harris Corp. said its software will enable 7-Eleven TV to schedule programming and advertising in an even more granularly targeted way, making it possible to "promote specific items at times most relevant to customers." Ads can be targeted right down to the zip code and profile of a specific 7-Eleven store, while providing sales metrics to the network's advertisers.


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