7-Eleven's RENEW Initiative Drives Customer Traffic

Melissa Kress
Senior News Editor
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7-Eleven RENEW

IRVING, Texas — With Arbor Day approaching next month, 7-Eleven Inc. is reviewing its success with its 7-Eleven RENEW program.

In a new video posted to the initiative's website, Jason Murray, vice president, North Pacific zone at 7-Eleven, explained that RENEW is a two-fold project that is intended to reduce carbon emissions while planting trees in the local community.

When customers pump a gallon of fuel at a 7-Eleven, they are also investing in carbon emission reduction projects, he added.

"The impact of the 7-Eleven RENEW program has been great. It's driving customers into our stores while it's making our brand shine," Murray said. "That makes it feel really good to know we are giving back to the community and also doing right by our brand."

Aman Rai, a 7-Eleven franchisee in Sacramento and Roseville, Calif., noted the program has resulted in the planting of more than 100,000 trees to day.

"This is a win-win situation for 7-Eleven and the customers," he said.

Wanel Thomas, 7-Eleven customer, echoed Rai. "When I see a company giving back to its community, I see value. I see credibility. I see integrity, and it makes me, as an individual, want to invest in the company even more," she added.

The RENEW reduced emissions program is a collaboration between 7-Eleven and GreenPrint, a company that promotes sustainability through the retail gasoline, fleet and consumer product industries.

7-Eleven launched a test of RENEW in September 2017, kicking off at 95 convenience stores. Today, 7-Eleven locations offer the RENEW program in California, Washington, Oregon, and Wisconsin., as Convenience Store News previously reported.

For every gallon of gas purchased in the 7-Eleven RENEW program, an investment is made in reforestation, green-scape projects, wildlife protection and renewable energy projects designed to help reduce tailpipe emissions. 

Customers at 7-Eleven stores without gas can participate in the initiative through the Plant It Forward program, which allows customers to log onto the 7-Eleven RENEW website and claim a tree, added Heather Bomann, 7-Eleven field consultant.

The convenience store chain expects RENEW to grow and expand into other areas this year, according to Murray.

"We also want to raise awareness to help the customers know that when you pull into a 7-Eleven to pump your fuel, that you're doing more than just pumping fuel," he said.

Irving-based 7-Eleven operates, franchises and/or licenses more than 67,000 stores in 17 countries, including 11,800 in North America.