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Adaptability is Key to Navigating an Ever-Changing Environment

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Supply chain issues, demand destruction among industry wide challenges that wholesalers have faced over the last 18 months.

Motiva, the distributor of gasoline and diesel to thousands of retail outlets under the iconic Shell and 76 brands, has been able to successfully navigate its customers through the last 18 months through its vast resources and unique ability to adapt to an every-changing environment.

In this webcast, you’ll hear three fuel industry experts talk about the industry-wide challenges that wholesalers in general faced over the last 18 months: ie., the supply issues, the demand destruction, the impossibility of getting deals done, and the role technology and safety plays in getting drivers back to the pumps.

They’ll also discuss the importance of:

  • Flexibility in deal-making
  • Connecting with trade associations and local, regional and national vendors, and,
  • Continued 360 support for retailers in accounting, marketing, events, network & systems and customer service.


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