Aldata Merges With EYC to Form Symphony EYC

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- Aldata and EYC, both part of the Symphony Technology Group, have merged to form Symphony EYC.

Aldata is a retail and distribution optimization company, while EYC serves as a customer engagement specialist. According to a joint news release, the merger is "built for growth," with the combined business serving more than 1,000 clients and its technology products operating in more 25,000 stores worldwide.

Roy Simrell, president and CEO of Aldata, said that Aldata and EYC are a natural fit for each other. "Both companies live the same vision that the future of retailing is customer driven, and believe that to succeed, retailers must get closer to their to customers, so 'Engage Your Customers' is the perfect message and name for our new company," noted the 25-year technology industry veteran.

More specifically, the combined entity will serve the needs of "omni-shoppers," those who access information anytime and anywhere, the companies said. Symphony EYC added that its retail clients will benefit from the merger because they will have access to a combined supply and demand proposition with customer-powered demand forecasting; consultancy, services and support operations; and development innovation in customer analytics.

"Now, customer insights and customer engagement strategies can link directly into retail assortment, merchandising and supply chain execution to meet customer driven demand in real time," read the joint news release.

Upon completion of the merger, Symphony EYC will have more than 600 employees.

Tom Buehlmann, EYC's CEO, will remain within the group and become an advisory board member to Symphony EYC. In addition, he will take on an executive role at parent company Symphony Technology Group.

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