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All Shell Gasolines Meet "Top Tier" Standard

HOUSTON -- Shell Oil Products US announced that its Regular and Plus and premium-grade gasolines now join its V-Power gasoline in meeting the "Top Tier Detergent Gasoline" standard.

According to Shell and four automakers -- BMW, General Motors, Honda and Toyota -- gasoline meeting only minimum requirements can leave harmful deposits on engine parts, which is why they recently introduced the higher Top Tier standard, aimed to help keep vehicle engines cleaner and reduce deposit-related problems. The new standard surpasses the minimum requirements for gasoline detergent additives set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Shell research shows that fuels with more cleaning agents can remove deposits left behind by low-detergency gasolines. According to the automakers that developed the Top Tier standard, clean engines help vehicles achieve optimal performance as well as reduced emissions.

Shell Regular and Plus gasolines, which meet the Top Tier standard, also contain more than two times the amount of cleaning agents required by the EPA. Shell V-Power has more than five times the minimum amount of cleaning agents required by government standards and twice the cleaning agents required by the Top Tier standard. While the Top Tier standard is designed to protect engines from the future build-up of carbon deposits, Shell V-Power is specifically formulated to actively clean consumers' engines as they drive, giving it the ability to clean up deposits that have already built up on intake valves and fuel injectors.

"Shell has a long history of offering consumers high-detergency gasolines and has invested years of research and development into creating high-quality fuels," said Brooks Herring, brand and strategy manager for Shell Oil Products US. "Gasoline quality can vary from one brand to another and choosing the right gasoline for your car is very important. Shell hopes the new Top Tier standard will help consumers better understand the importance of buying high-quality fuels with additional cleaning power."
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