Altria Debuts Citizens for Tobacco Rights Site

RICHMOND, Va. -- In a time when it seems tobacco users' rights are under fire every time they turn around, The Altria Group's tobacco operating companies have launched a website for adult tobacco consumers who are interested in information and advocacy on tobacco-related public policy issues.

Citizens for Tobacco Rights made its debut on Friday, Dec. 23. Altria's companies, Philip Morris USA, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Co. and John Middleton developed the site to because they believe it is important for adult tobacco consumers to make their voices heard on issues that affect them. Citizens for Tobacco Rights offers adult consumers information, tools and resources to help them get informed, involved and active on tobacco issues, according to Altria's website.

The website features sections on issues facing adult smokers (including a state-by-state tab), voter resources, and tips and tools for speaking out. It also features a news sections including national blog and state blog posts.

Citizens for Tobacco Rights site describes the Internet movement as "a group of adult smokers and dippers joining together to get active on issues they care about." The purpose of this website is to:

  • Provide information on important tobacco issues like taxes and regulations that affect adult smokers and dippers.
  • Encourage adult tobacco consumers to be active and involved in the legislative and regulatory process.
  • Provide opportunities for adult smokers and dippers to come together and make their voices heard.
  • Promote the importance of voting and civic participation.
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