Amoco Fuels at BP Recognized by Fuels Quality Survey

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Amoco Fuels at BP Recognized by Fuels Quality Survey

CHICAGO--The annual Fuels Quality Survey , conducted by The NPD Group Inc., recently revealed that Amoco Fuels at BP--available at all sites east of the Rockies--are rated highest in quality across not one, but all three, individual grades: premium Amoco Ultimate, Amoco Silver and Amoco Regular gasolines, according to a BP press release.

"Quality is of the utmost importance when fueling your vehicle,” said Denny Kahler, immediate past chairman of the Automotive Service Association (ASA). “By checking the owners' manual and continuously running the right grade of Amoco fuels at BP, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of better fuel economy, performance and lower maintenance costs."

To track the quality of its products, BP consistently tests thousands of fuel samples for product quality through its oversight teams and random refinery, terminal and site testing.

"At BP, we have a long tradition and commitment to quality assurance,” said Larry Peck, vice president of Global Fuels Technology. “Our team of expert engineers and scientists continually work to provide customers with quality fuel choices for the wide range of vehicles and trucks on the road today. Additionally, BP backs up the quality of all its fuels with a written guarantee, and is the only major integrated oil company to do so."

All grades of Amoco gasoline sold by BP contain an additive package that is designed to meet or exceed all relevant legal and industry standards for all gasoline grades in all markets. With continuous use, Amoco Ultimate gasoline will clean up dirty engines and will keep engines clean.