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Anheuser-Busch InBev & SABMiller Complete Merger

LEUVEN, Belgium — Nearly a year after announcing its pending $100-billion-plus merger was first announced, Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) has closed on its acquisition of SABMiller plc.

The combined company — which has been referred to as a "mega-brewery"— will have operations in just about every major beer market and an expanded portfolio that includes global, multi-country and local brands, providing more choices for consumers around the world, according to AB InBev.

AB InBev added customers will benefit from a broad distribution network and strong brand-building expertise. The company will also continue to develop its business in partnership with its suppliers. 

In addition, according to the company, AB InBev will benefit from a geographically diversified platform, with a stronger presence in key emerging regions with attractive growth prospects, such as Africa and Latin America. 

The growth opportunities in these developing markets complements the stability and strength of the company's strong existing presence in developed markets, it added. 

"As a truly global brewer, we will be able to achieve more together than each of us could separately," said Carlos Brito, CEO of AB InBev. "We remain focused on delivering superior top-line growth and increasing shareholder value. Building on our strong heritage, passion for brewing and expanded brand portfolio, we are also committed to helping farmers, retailers, entrepreneurs and communities thrive.

"We are excited to work toward our dream: bringing people together for a better world. Our ambition is to build a company to last — not just for a decade, but for the next 100 years," Brito explained. 

A "World" View

According to AB InBev, the combined group will strive to be an engine for growth and economic development across many markets. AB InBev will demonstrate this commitment through its Better World platform focused on three "worlds": 

  • A "Growing" World, where everyone has the opportunity to improve their livelihood. AB InBev will support communities by driving agricultural productivity, innovation and resilience. The company will also help small retailers grow by expanding trade programs and solutions, and by providing business skills training for entrepreneurs in its supply chain. 
  • A "Cleaner" World, where natural resources are accessible and safe to all, and shared and preserved for the future. AB InBev is dedicated to enhancing water access and security through watershed restoration and conservation. It will also continue to invest in sourcing renewable electricity and increasing the recycled content in its packaging materials to reduce its carbon emissions and support a circular economy. 
  • A "Healthier" World, where every experience with beer is positive for lives well lived. AB InBev is dedicated to reducing the harmful use of alcohol in all of its markets. To do this, the company is extending and expanding its Global Smart Drinking Goals and making the reduction of the harmful use of alcohol a key priority.
History of a Deal

News of a possible merger between the world's two largest made headlines a year ago. Here is a brief look at how the deal progressed, as previously reported by CSNews Online.

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