ATM-Dispensed Visa Prepaid Cards Available Nationwide

MESA, Ariz. -- Better ATM Services is expanding an ATM-dispensed Visa prepaid card program throughout the United States. The move comes after the locally based company piloted the program through financial institutions in Arizona.

During the test program, Better ATM Services enabled ATMs at participating financial institutions to use on-screen options and minor hardware adjustments to allow customers to purchase Visa prepaid cards directly from the ATM. Menus allowed consumers to select between cash or Visa prepaid cards, according to a company release.

The national launch comes with one change. Customers can now choose the amount to be loaded on the card. The pilot program only allowed customers to choose from fixed values, the company added.

"ATM networks are secure distribution channels that are already in place in high traffic areas throughout the U.S., and are ideal for new features and services such as Visa prepaid cards. This joint market pilot has demonstrated that they are the perfect vehicle to deliver value-driven products that meet consumer needs," said Better ATM Services CEO Todd L. Nuttall.

The prepaid market is estimated to be $549.7 billion in 2012. According to Mercator Advisory Group, by 2013, consumers will load $117 billion onto prepaid cards, which would mark a 200-percent usage increase in just three years.

"ATM-dispensed Visa prepaid cards are another example of prepaid serving as a platform for innovation," said Hyung Choi, head of US prepaid, Visa Inc. "By supporting this new distribution channel, Visa is providing consumers with convenient prepaid card access via a familiar, well established and secure interface."


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