Austin Energy Plugs Into New Breed of Drivers

AUSTIN, Texas -- Electric cars may not be outnumbering traditional motor vehicles yet, but Austin Energy will be ready when they do. In unveiling a new program on Feb. 22 the utility said it will be placing "electric gas stations" at stores, movie theaters and transit hubs across the city, as reported by the Austin News KXAN.

Drivers of electric vehicles will also be able to find the charging stations at offices and other commercial spaces in Austin. Called Plug-In Everywhere, the new program will target local businesses who want to host new stations. Participants would have to pay an installation cost, averaging between $3,000 and $7,000, and make the stations accessible to the public, according to the news outlet.

Austin Energy hopes enough businesses participate in the program to make stations available to drivers within a five-mile radius to charge their vehicles, Austin News KXAN reported. In addition to area businesses, there will be up to 50 charging stations at City of Austin facilities such as libraries and recreation centers.


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