Beck's Premier Light Hits Million-Case Mark

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Beck's Premier Light Hits Million-Case Mark

NORWALK, Conn.-- Beck's Premier Light has hit the million-case mark in less than a year. Beck's Premier Light began shipping in March 2005.

"Beck's Premier Light has exceeded our expectations," said Victor Melendez, director of European brands at InBev USA. "We have hit the 1-million case mark in less than nine months even though we are still a bit shy of having full national distribution. That makes this number all that more impressive. The luxury light import category is new in 2005 and we believe Beck's Premier Light has demonstrated it is and will be the category leader."

In the United States, light beer and imports continue to drive the beer category growth into positive figures. According to IRI, Beck's Premier Light is up 143 percent year to date, as of Oct. 2, 2005.

"We were very excited early on by the response to Beck's Premier Light from retailers, now we know why," Melendez said. "It's a fantastic tasting beer that stays true to its German roots in both taste and brewing process. Not only does the beer have an incredibly low 64 calories and low carbs [3.9 grams], but as the first luxury light import to hit the U.S. market, it is clearly resonating with consumers."

Beck's Premier Light is product of Brauerei Beck & Co. Brewery in Bremen, Germany and is packaged like other beers in the Beck's family with its green bottle and signature oval front label. Beck's Premier Light is available in 12-ounce, non-returnable longneck bottles in six-, 12- and 24- packs, as well as on draught.