The Best Of 2010

New Product Winners meet consumers' needs for taste, convenience and value

Eighteen supplier companies in 17 product categories were named winners in the 14th annual Convenience Store News Best New Product Awards competition.

Chosen by a consumer panel administered by a New York-based research firm, this year's entries were rated on the basis of taste, value, convenience, healthfulness, quality ingredients, preparation requirements, appearance and packaging.

Here's a list of this year's winners, with explanations and pertinent comments from members of the consumer panel.

1. BEER: Coors Light Home Draft from Miller Coors

Innovative Coors Light Home Draft system allows customers to "tap the Rockies" and enjoy draft beer from their own refrigerator. Each minikeg provides 16, 12-ounce pours of real draft beer.

"We found it had a smoother consistent pour with minimal foam."

2. HISPANIC/LATINO FOOD INNOVATION: Lemon Lime Longneck Strip by Twang Partners Ltd.

The unique packaging on these flavor enhancers is sure to drive impulse sales. Longneck Strips complement any domestic or imported lager and has strong appeal to both general market and Latino customers. Latinos are experienced and like salty beer. NASCAR fans and young adults are also getting into this new flavor wave.

3. HISPANIC/LATINO BEVERAGE INNOVATION: Bacardi Silver Sangria by Anheuser-Busch InBev

"This has a sensational taste for a pre-mixed cocktail!" The sangria's blended natural flavors updates the Spanish classic. The Bacardi Silver Sangria comes in a six-pack, with six single servings, which also keeps it fresh tasting.

4. OTHER TOBACCO PRODUCTS: White Owl FoilFresh Sweets by Swedish Match

While Owl seals every cigar to ensure that the last cigar is as fresh as the first. Coupled with the recognizable White Owl name and smooth taste and you have a winner!

5. CHOCOLATE CANDY: M&M's Pretzel Chocolate Candies by Mars Chocolate North America

The new M&M brand flavor combines sweet and salty in every bite-size piece. They are fun to eat with the snack food qualities of salty and crunchy. "A perfect match of the sweet and savory."

6. LIQUOR/WINE: Rocks Margarita by Eskimo Hut

It's ready to serve and a hefty 12 percent alcohol content. You can pour straight from the bottle and serve over ice, or freeze it and squeeze the bottle out into a glass for a frozen margarita. "Satisfying lime flavor."

7A. SALTY SNACKS (TIE): Smart Fries by Gourmet Basics

A "good for you" snack that looks like french fries. This is a delicious, light and crunchy snack that is air-popped and comes in six gourmet flavors. Attributes like no cholesterol, no sugar, no trans fat or saturated fat make this product a winner.

7B. Jack Link's Sasquatch Big Stick by Link Snacks

This giant beef jerky lives up to its name. The Big Stick comes in 16-inch size and is perfect for a big snack or a meal replacement.

8. ALTERNATIVE SNACKS: Fiber Plus Single Serve Antioxidant Bar by Kellogg's

This is a healthy bar that provides a tasty way to get better nutrition. Provides 35 percent of your daily fiber yet it tastes like a delicious chocolate chip crunchy bar.

9. PACKAGED SWEET SNACKS: Oreo Brownie by Kraft Foods

This product has instant packaging appeal with the Oreo logo. And it's a great tasting snack cake. "We love Oreos, and we love brownies. What could be better than the marriage of the two? Can you spell, WIN-WIN?"

10. FOODSERVICE: Sausage Scrambler RollerBites by Home Market Foods

The Sausage Scrambler is sausage, egg and cheese wrapped in a maple pancake coating, and makes a perfect product for the roller grill and consumers looking for an on-the-go breakfast.

11. FROZEN DESSERTS: Lemoncello Dessert by Atalanta Corp./Solo Italia

The latest creation of Solo Italia, Lemoncello has delicious lemon cream sandwiched between sponge cakes topped with vanilla ice cream. The single-serve packet is perfect for take out and it's taste was described as "dreamy."

12. FROZEN NOVELTIES/BEVERAGES: Real fruit smoothies by f'real foods

This frozen dispensed beverage makes an excellent fresh tasting smoothie. It's the perfect blend of all-natural, real fruit and balanced nutrition. It's a good source of fiber too, and contains no high fructose corn syrup.

13. NON-CHOCOLATE CANDY: Mike and Ike Lemonade Blends by Just Born Inc.

"We did not know that Mike and Ike's could be improved on until we tasted their new Lemonade Blends." The right amount of tart and sweet. A real winner!

14. NON-CARBONATED SOFT DRINKS: vitaminwater zero by The Coca-Cola Co.

A build on last year's best-seller vitaminwater, vitaminwater zero is ideal for the calorie conscious. It's naturally sweetened and loaded with nutrients. Comes in seven flavors and is sweetened with Truvia.

15. GENERAL MERCHANDISE: Office Depot Office Supplies by Lil Drugstores & Office Depot

This great assortment of "gotta have it now" office supplies brings the respected Office Depot brand name into your convenience store. Products include ballpoint pens, scissors, paper clips, notebook packs, calculators and more. All packed neatly in eye-catching, pegboard packaging.

16. GUM & MINTS: Breath Savers Cinnamon Mints by The Hershey Co.

This is a great new flavor in the Breath Savers line. "They sparkle in your mouth."

17. HEALTH & BEAUTY: Modjo 4 Life by Cellutions LLC

This tasty beverage brings antiaging and rejuvenation powers to consumers. It has a great taste with all natural flavors. Panelists liked its slick packaging too.

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