Best Original Design: 5 Points Market

Best Original Design
Winner: 5 Points Market, Kerrville, Texas
Designer: Paragon Solutions 

5 Points Market is the definition of “luxury convenience in a pint-size package,” according to its designer. The 2,380-square-foot micro convenience store’s exterior is coated in ledge stone capped with an asymmetrical arch.

The interior features solid goldenrod and Texas-patterned period walls that are completed with creamy chocolate ceilings and suspended ceiling clouds above the cashier. The “lavish” look is finished with blonde wood counters, chalkboard signage, and sleek black and silver accents.

When it came to the small footprint of the store, the retailer felt it was important to fit in all the essentials while staying in constant contact with its customer base. In order to do so, 5 Points Market offered an interactive customer questionnaire at checkout, which set the stage for it being on target with ideal store offerings its customers want.

This focus to stay on point and love for signage design influenced the retailer to rebrand other locations to the 5 Points theme. Subsequently, Paragon Solutions created an entire 5 Points branding.

5 Points Market offers unique amenities and products including craft beer, local wines and specialty coffee served by a barista at the 5 Points Café. Seating is unlimited and can be found inside and outside, where customers can relax under a dappled sunlight. 

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