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Best Original Store Design: The Station

The Station is a convenience store located in Freshfields Village on Kiawah Island, S.C. The 4,000-square-foot store provides an atmosphere of times gone by while offering all the conveniences of a modern c-store. An entirely new-built store, The Station was conceived to be a general store located at a rural crossroads that evolved through time along with the pressures modernization brings with it, according to designer John Denton Haley, director of architecture at Kiawah Development Partners in Charleston, S.C.

Haley told CSNews the overall plan was designed to acknowledge the location's history, right down to such details as authentic retro gas pumps, hand-painted building materials and a front porch facing the street. The store is not without its modern touches, though. There's a laser wash car wash, modern gasoline pumps under a heavy timber structure and ample parking.

The interior of the store also speaks to a time gone by, with updates for 2010. The inside layout includes a deli that serves breakfast biscuits, a fountain drink counter, a coffee area, restrooms and a seating area within the store's bay windows.

The decor utilizes merchandising equipment that incorporates bead board, butcher block and solid painted wood. The equipment has a contemporary flair, fabricated in black to showcase the product better.
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