Best Single-Store Cold Vault: The Crossroads

Best Cold Vault
Winner: The Crossroads, Hanwell, New Brunswick, Canada
Designer: Paragon Solutions

The Crossroads opened its doors in June 2014, but it began to come to life when Jason Lutes purchased land in Hanwell, New Brunswick back in August 2012. His vision was always to open a gas/convenience store and a quick-service restaurant, so he turned to Paragon Solutions for guidance and design ideas.

The goal was to create something fun and unique in New Brunswick – a concept that would earn the spot local notoriety. Today, the contemporary 8,835-square-foot convenience store stands apart due to its modern exterior with bright red accents and unique architectural angles.

Inside, the bright red, tubular air ducts stand against a black ceiling backdrop to create a dramatic, edgy effect. Geometric shapes in bold, branded colors adorn the walls. Brushed aluminum accents bring the simplistic lines of the exterior inside the store.

A centerpiece of the design is the cold vault, which invites customers to "twist, pop and refresh."

From the modern architecture to the polished finishes throughout, this location keeps it energetic and fun year-round for customers that want a little more zest in life, according to the designer. 

The Crossroads
The Crossroads
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