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Best Single-Store Interior Design Runner-Up: Horizon Market

Best Interior Design
Honorable mention: Horizon Market, Bismarck, N.D.
Designer: Paragon Solutions

Located in the heart of Bismarck, the 6,720-square-foot Horizon Market convenience store and food truck combo “redefines the parameters of the quick-service industry,” according to designer Paragon Solutions. The firm and Creek Oilfield Services LLC incorporated “every possible convenience they could conceive and wrapped it in a festive, spring-colored package.”

Decorative circles on yellow and blue walls, with cherry wood tones and brushed aluminum signage that easily identifies each customer offering, complete Horizon Market.

Special offerings include Swirly’s frozen yogurt, the Sooner or Later coffee bar, and drive-thru accessibility that “give this c-store a touch of luxury,” the firm explained.  

Meanwhile, Horizon Market’s food truck makes rounds to the local high school, delivering fresh hot dogs and chilled sodas to eagerly awaiting students.

“Don and Casey Clement, the father and son duo of Creek Oilfield Services LLC, wanted to offer their customers ‘limitless’ options. The term ‘limitless’ was tossed around repeatedly, inevitably leading to the development of the Horizon Market brand,” said Paragon Solutions. “Even though Horizon Market has surpassed all customer expectations, we can’t wait to see what Don and Casey come up with on the next ‘horizon.’” 

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