Best Sky’s the Limit Remodel Runner-Up: PS Market

Best Sky’s the Limit Remodel
Honorable mention: PS Market, South Elgin, Ill.
Designer: Paragon Solutions

Prairie State Enterprises LLC saw more than just potential at this South Elgin, Ill., convenience store; it saw the budding future of the PS Market brand. Teaming with Paragon Solutions, the prototype store sets the core brand standards to be used in launching the future PS Market chain.  

A new PS Market logo was created with an emboldened sunburst cresting the rise of a verdant prairie, embodying the essence of the original logo, while adding contemporary flair and color to flow seamlessly into new branding elements.

The store’s modern structural exterior includes vibrant sapphire blue lighting and accents. The 10-pump fueling station is housed under a PS Fuels-branded canopy that glows green and white “with futuristic splendor,” according to the designer.  

On the inside, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows allow sunshine to beam through during the day and the glowing signature sapphire light at night. Counter islands are finished in warm wood, completed with natural surfaces and accented in brushed aluminum and glass accents.

Amenities offered include a live gaming room; branded pizza, sandwiches and pastries; an ice-cold drink station that offers soda, f’real milkshakes, slushies and teas; among other products.

The difficulty in creating this prototype store was tying together every section of space while staying true to the branding. However, with sweeping wall graphics, warm floor finishes and a linear green bar encircling the entire interior, the design team was able to accomplish this.

“The end result was a crisp new look inside and out, treating customers to fresh fare and a radiantly pleasant place to pop in for a break from the hustle and bustle of life,” the entry stated.

PS Market Before Remodel

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