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Big New Addition Comes to M&Ms Family

Anything more would have been too big and anything less too small, according to Masterfoods USA, which introduced Mega M&M's, a new version of the color-coated candies, which are on average 55 percent bigger in size than original M&M's and come in six new hues that appeal to adults: maroon, teal, blue-gray, beige, gold and brown.

Following the limited-edition "Ogre-sized" M&M's created in conjunction with last year's Shrek 2 movie release, the brand is adding the bigger-sized candies to the permanent line.

"Mega M&M's are a great example of how we continue to evolve one of America's favorite brands," said Martyn Wilks, vice president of snack foods at Masterfoods. "We listen to what our consumers want and continually work to deliver all the taste and fun associated with M&M's in new and different ways, which keeps the brand fresh and relevant."

John O'Hurley, from this summer's "Dancing with the Stars," and best known for his role as J. Peterman on "Seinfeld," officially unveiled the big innovation last week at New York City's Grand Central Terminal, one of the largest train stations in the nation. Commuters got a taste of Mega M&M's at the event.

Mega M&M's come in milk chocolate and peanut varieties and feature metallic packaging incorporating the bigger-size candies. Available in two sizes, 12.6-ounce for $2.79 and 19.6-ounce for $4.15, Mega M&M's are offered at major retail stores nationwide. King-size trial packages also are available while supplies last.
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