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BONUS CONTENT: Aloha Expands Into New Products


In addition to adding a beer cave and more brands of beer, Aloha Petroleum's newly designed stores are focused on fresh foods, with two types of display units to highlight hot foods, along with a six-foot, open-air refrigerated case featuring salads, fruit bowls, yogurt and sandwiches. Food options are even built into the sales counter at new Aloha Island Mart c-stores.

"The sales counter unit top half is heated and offers freshly prepared foods hot and ready to go, and the lower portion offers refrigerated items," said Gary Altman, general manager of Aloha's company-operated stores. "Many are local favorites."

Another new highlight is the fountain beverage area. In the past, the company used equipment provided by vendors, but that limited what they could offer customers. As a result, they decided to purchase their own Fusion Flavor beverage equipment, which now offers 16 fountain heads and gives Aloha the freedom to sell the selections it chooses. "We also offer four flavor shots so customers can mix and match, as well as an energy shot," Altman said.

Additionally, at those Aloha Island Mart locations that are near beaches or on the way to a beach locale, the company expanded its offerings to include general merchandise such as beach towels, a wider variety of sunglasses, sunscreen and flip flops.

"One of the key things in this redesign was getting back to offering the key items in all locations -- whether its 1,200 square feet or 2,400 square feet," said Altman. "Everything with the exception of the beer cave will be available in all locations." 

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