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BONUS CONTENT: An Alternative Snack Perspective


CHICAGO — Online natural products curator Abe’s Market ( wants its customers to “feel good about your goods” so it often connects consumers directly with sellers so they can ask specific product questions.

Offering a unique retail perspective for convenience stores to consider, Kimberly Grayson, chief revenue officer at Abe’s Market, chatted with Convenience Store News about the state of snacking as she sees and hears it. Here are a few of her snack observations:

Chips and bar purchases remain, but healthier options are multiplying.

“Americans embrace eating on the go and we are very comfortable dipping our hands in bags of chips and chewing on bars for fast and easy ways to satiate and power up,” Grayson stated. “This has been true for quite some time and does not appear to be changing.”

What is changing, however, are the healthier options available in these forms and the attention to dietary restrictions being met in snack form. ”While indulgent snacks can be found in abundance, the new crop of more savory snack options is the fastest growing for us here at Abe’s Market,” she added.

Snacks are being supercharged.

Chips have gone far beyond potato to include a full myriad of fruit and vegetable options, many lower in calories and higher in nutritional value, according to Grayson.

“Carb-laden snacks have been infused with protein and powered up with ancient grains and seeds to deliver more benefit. Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, paleo and more — all dietary restrictions and followings now have snacks foods specifically formulated/ingredient-derived and labeled to satisfy niches of consumers,” she explained.  

Retailers should make the breadth of choice less confusing.

Consumers need ways to try out this range of emerging products, flavors and brands. Abe’s Market provides this opportunity with its “TryFor$2” program.

“Every day, we offer snack products for easy trial and then simple and affordable ways for customers to come back and shop their favorites,” said Grayson.

Editor’s note: This Bonus Content story is an add-on to the Convenience Store News Guide to Snacking, published in May. More stories from the guide can be found here.


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