BP Clears the Air

PORTLAND, Ore. -- BP Plc rolled out its new lower-sulfur gasoline at Oregon ARCO branded outlets that will help improve the region's air quality.

The newly formulated fuel is expected to reduce nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions from motor vehicles by about four percent. That reduction will help prevent the release of about .037 tons of NOx -- equivalent to removing 850 cars off area roadways every day.

BP is introducing the Lower-Sulfur Premium brand at 58 ARCO stations in Oregon. As BP refineries convert their operations to produce additional lower-sulfur fuel, the company expects to have lower-sulfur gas available in all grades. Current production is focused on serving major cities with air pollution concerns.

BP's new fuel features a sulfur level that is 80 percent below the estimated national average, significantly lowering the level of harmful NOx emissions. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established federal limits aimed at reducing gasoline sulfur levels by 2006. BP's Lower-Sulfur Premium, with a sulfur content of 30 parts per million (ppm), meets EPA requirements four years early.

"BP is committed to providing energy sources that help reduce Nox emissions while continuing to provide the fuels that will ensure future mobility for everyone," said Don Strenk, ARCO's retail regional vice president. "This lower-sulfur fuel is evidence that cleaner energy business needs can be met economically while also helping to reduce environmental impact."

BP operates approximately 1,800 ARCO branded gasoline stations and am/pm convenience stores throughout six western states.
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