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BP Formally Joins TOP TIER Gasoline Program

HOUSTON -- BP plc says its gasoline grades already exceed the TOP TIER standard for efficiency, but for marketing purposes, the company is officially joining the automotive industry's program for gasoline detergency standards.

"We are committed to providing our branded marketers with the tools they need to demonstrate the high quality of the BP-branded gasoline," said Amy Abraham, BP’s vice president of marketing and communications. "The decision to join the TOP TIER program was easy from a technical standpoint since the engine-cleaning benefits of our Invigorate additive already exceeded TOP TIER's detergency standard in all three grades. From a marketing standpoint, the new TOP TIER designation will make it even easier for our marketers and consumers to differentiate BP-branded gasoline from those brands that only meet the minimum government detergency standard."

Consumers search the TOP TIER website to identify those gasoline brands that can help protect their vehicles' critical engine parts from performance-robbing deposits, BP stated. With its official entrance into the program, BP is now featured on the TOP TIER website, leading to increased exposure among consumers who are interested in TOP TIER gasoline or who were recommended by their auto manufacturer to use TOP TIER gasoline.

More information about the TOP TIER program can be found at The video above, as seen on the aforementioned website, explains TOP TIER certification in more detail.

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