BP Joins fuelperks! Rewards Program

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BP Joins fuelperks! Rewards Program

LA PALMA, Calif. -- BP and Excentus Corp. joined forces to expand the reach of the fuelperks! rewards program, which allows consumers to earn gas rewards and redeem them instantly at the pump. Under the terms of the agreement, BP will become the fuelperks! redemption partner in the majority of marketing areas in which it operates.

In a news release issued yesterday, Excentus said it will leverage BP's recently announced brandwide price rollback initiative to help expand the fuelperks! rewards program across the country. The initiative, among other things, aims to make every BP station a redemption center for cents-per-gallon fuel rewards. To date, more than 90 percent of eligible BP sites, representing more than 8,000 locations, have enrolled to receive the price rollback software upgrade in a deployment effort beginning later this year. This will bring price rollback technology to more than 90 marketing areas in the U.S. in 2010.

The fuelperks! rewards program provides consumers with gas discounts for making purchases at more than 500 grocery stores, including Giant Eagle, Roundy's, Bi-Lo, Ukrop's and Winn-Dixie locations. Fuelperks! rewards add up over multiple purchases and can be instantly redeemed on fuel purchases up to 20 gallons. For example, when a customer spends $50 during one visit or over multiple visits at a participating grocery store, they can earn a 10 cents-per-gallon reward. The same customer spending an additional $100 at this store will earn an additional 20 cents-per-gallon, for a total of 30 cents-per-gallon redeemable on their next fill-up at a participating gas station.

Consumers instantly redeem the rewards by swiping their rewards card at the pump or inside the convenience store, and selecting a form of payment (credit/debit/cash). The price of each grade of fuel drops by the amount of the customer's reward balance and the customer selects a grade and begins fueling. After consumers redeem rewards, they can start earning new rewards based on qualifying purchases. Fuelperks! members redeem an average of 40 cents per gallon, according to Excentus.

Building upon successful fuelperks! program implementations in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minn.; Madison, Wis.; and other markets, BP and Excentus expect to continue to expand the rewards program with new and existing fuelperks! partners, with the goal of increasing the earnings power and benefit for the consumer, the company stated.

"BP and Excentus share a similar vision of a national fuel reward program delivering instant cents-per-gallon rewards at the pump," said David VanWiggeren, card marketing manager for BP. "We are thrilled to offer Excentus' fuelperks! rewards program to BP's network of sites nationwide, combining the quality of BP gasoline with Invigorate with the innovative fuelperks! program to deliver real value to consumers."

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