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BP Partners with PerformanceRetail

BP plc, which operates 3,500 Food Shops, am/pm and Connect convenience stores, yesterday signed a contract with Houston-based PerformanceRetail to roll out the technology firm's Internet applications and services designed specifically to support c-store operations.

Implementation will begin next week, the companies said, with an initial "go live" date slated for late fall at Midwestern stores. Expansion throughout the U.S. and Europe is planned in 2002. BP intends to implement PerformanceRetail at company-operated stores worldwide and then its franchised network.

"Technology is integral to BP's retail strategy," said Steve Westwell, BP's retail marketing director. "PerformanceRetail represents leading edge technology that will provide us with the very best performance management tools and services to improve our core retail capabilities and processes. PerformanceRetail will enable BP to respond to customer needs more effectively through facilitating quicker, better-informed business decisions, and new retail capabilities."

PerformanceRetail incorporates advanced retail tools, software applications and business processes to improve convenience retail performance. Its features include merchandise assortment and space optimization, inventory control, sales processing, demand forecasting, price management, automated store replenishment modeling and financial planning and analysis.

"An added benefit of the PerformanceRetail solution is the flexibility that it provides to allow us to respond to customer needs more accurately and more promptly," Westwell added. "By affording us a better understanding of our customers and the ability to quickly adjust our current retail offering, PerformanceRetail will help position BP to benefit from new market opportunities in the future."
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