Buc-ee's Expanding Beyond Texas for the First Time

HOUSTON — Buc-ee's is bringing its Texas-sized convenience store model to Louisiana. 

According to the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, Houston-based Buc-ee's is planting its flag at the Greens at Millerville, a 56-acre development in Baton Rouge, La. The company's plans call for an outlet with more than 60,000 square feet of retail space and more than 90 fueling positions.

Buc-ee's signed a purchase agreement with the developer for an undisclosed price to acquire a 15-acre parcel of the development, the report stated.

Scott Ratcliff, Buc-ee's project engineer, said the company chose to open its first out-of-state store at the Greens at Millerville because it appears to be an ideal location.

"About 95 percent of our sales receipts are from outside the store ZIP code, so visibility and easy on-off traffic pattern all go into the analysis of the site," Ratcliff told the news outlet. "So, location and accessibility are key factors, and this really fits the bill."

Buc-ee's considers itself a travel destination, not a truck stop. Only four-wheel vehicles are allowed, not 18-wheel tractor trailers, which is for the safety of the traveling public, added Ratcliff.

Buc-ee's existing 32 stores are Texas-centric in their mix of food and merchandise; however, its first Louisiana location will feature products more appropriate to The Pelican State.

The company is eyeing a second-quarter groundbreaking, with plans to open the Louisiana store in 2017. 

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