Buc-ee's Sits Atop the Throne With Highest-Rated Restrooms

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Buc-ee's Sits Atop the Throne With Highest-Rated Restrooms

GasBuddy top-rated restrooms

BOSTON — As the peak summer driving season approaches, GasBuddy revealed which gas station brands have the highest-rated restrooms to eliminate the stress and panic that often ensues when nature calls, the company stated.

Texas-based Buc-ee's sits atop the throne as the brand with the highest-rated gas station restrooms in the nation.

QuikTrip Corp. flushed the competition for the second consecutive year in seven states — the most of any brand. Wawa Inc. came in second, leading in six East Coast states, followed by Chevron Corp., Cumberland Farms, Kum & Go LC and Maverik Inc., each topping the list in three states.

Quality restrooms are a big concern for motorists. According to GasBuddy's 2018 summer travel survey, 37 percent of respondents said one of their worst fears when road tripping is when nature calls and being unsure of where to stop for a clean restroom.

"We all understand the high level of stress when it comes to needing to use the restroom while on the road. According to our research, more than half of consumers said that a clean restroom is mandatory when considering where to stop," said Frank Beard, convenience store and retail trends analyst at GasBuddy.

"There are a couple of surprise winners in this year's top-rated restroom results, which only further proves that consumers are taking note of brands that go the extra mile to keep their facilities sparkling," he added.

Ensuring restrooms are clean makes for better business. In a recent report, gas stations with above-average restroom ratings on GasBuddy saw a 33-percent increase in foot traffic compared to those with below-average ratings.

Here is how each c-store and gas station retailer measured up in each of the 50 states:

  1. Alaska — Tesoro
  2. Alabama — MAPCO
  3. Arkansas — Kum & Go
  4. Arizona — QuikTrip
  5. California — Quik Stop
  6. Colorado — Kum & Go
  7. Connecticut — Cumberland Farms
  8. Delaware — Wawa
  9. Florida — Wawa
  10. Georgia — QuikTrip
  11. Iowa — Cenex
  12. Idaho — Chevron
  13. Illinois — Kelley's Market
  14. Indiana — Casey's General Store
  15. Kansas — QuikTrip
  16. Kentucky — Pilot
  17. Louisiana — RaceTrac
  18. Massachusetts — Cumberland Farms
  19. Maryland — Wawa
  20. Maine — Irving
  21. Michigan — Holiday
  22. Minnesota — Kwik Trip
  23. Missouri — QuikTrip
  24. Mississippi — Marathon
  25. Montana — Cenex
  26. North Carolina — QuikTrip
  27. North Dakota — Casey's General Store
  28. Nebraska — Kum & Go
  29. New Hampshire — Irving
  30. New Jersey — Wawa
  31. New Mexico — Chevron
  32. Nevada — Maverik
  33. New York — 7-Eleven
  34. Ohio — Sheetz
  35. Oklahoma — QuikTrip
  36. Oregon — Chevron
  37. Pennsylvania — Wawa
  38. Rhode Island — Cumberland Farms
  39. South Carolina — QuikTrip
  40. South Dakota — Sinclair
  41. Tennessee — Weigel's
  42. Texas — Buc-ee's
  43. Utah — Maverik
  44. Virginia — Wawa
  45. Vermont — Mobil
  46. Washington — Mobil
  47. Wisconsin — Kwik Trip
  48. West Virginia — Sheetz
  49. Wyoming — Maverik
  50. Hawaii — Shell

Founded in 2000, GasBuddy is a technology company designed to change the way consumers find, purchase and save money on gasoline.