Budweiser to Sponsor Reality Show on ABC

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Budweiser to Sponsor Reality Show on ABC


BRUSSELS, Belgium -- Budweiser will sponsor "Bud United presents: The Big Time," a seven-episode social reality show that features young adults pursuing their dreams of becoming a racecar driver, pitching for a professional baseball team and more. The series will air on ABC starting Jan. 21, 2012.

"We are absolutely delighted to partner with ESPN/ABC to bring 'Bud United presents: The Big Time' to network television for the first time in the United States, giving viewers the opportunity to see their friends and neighbors taking their once-in-a-lifetime shot at 'The Big Time," said Frank Abenante, vice president global brands at Anheuser-Busch InBev. "We leveraged Budweiser's unparalleled access to international sports, entertainment and lifestyle assets to make these contestants' dreams come true. We're looking forward to giving viewers the opportunity to share in these extraordinary journeys of second chances and ambitions fulfilled."

"We are particularly proud to take Budweiser to new levels, by turning current assets into branded content, brought to life with unique and exciting storytelling," said Jason Warner, global vice president, Budweiser. "'Bud United presents: The Big Time' offers fans around the world a wealth of content designed to live online, from the episodes themselves to behind the scenes content and 'Big Time' tips from our celebrity mentors. Our agreement with ABC offers a new dimension, bringing together traditional and digital media for a richer viewing experience."

Cast members were selected based on videos submitted via Budweiser's social media sites that featured individuals demonstrating their passions. Each episode will showcase three fans competing in their dream scenario while being mentored by celebrities such as baseball coach Tom House and celebrity chef Hubert Keller, according to Budweiser's announcement.

"These shows offer a compelling trifecta -- sports, entertainment plus viewer engagement via social media," said Jason Bernstein, senior director, ESPN programming and acquisitions. "It's a unique blend of content and we're pleased Budweiser came to us with the opportunity to present it on ABC."