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Building Long-Term Revenue Through Loyalty

C-store retailers can create personalized programs by leveraging data across the engagement ecosystem.

Data has become the name of the game when it comes to competing successfully in the convenience arena. But chalking up a win wont happen if you play that game using existing data alone. Collecting data throughout the engagement ecosystem, segmenting it and then creating personalized loyalty programs aimed at building long-term revenue are all key steps in scoring successfully.

Twenty years ago, data capture was done by knowing your customers personally. The operator knew who came in everyday, what brand of soft drink they liked to buy, and often knew the names of their customers’ kids,” said Roy Strasburger, CEO of StrasGlobal, a provider of contract operations for gas stations and convenience stores, and cofounder of The Vision Group Network, an organization that brings together industry leaders in quarterly virtual meetings to create a knowledge base of experience and innovative ideas.

This still holds true for owners and operators of single stores. But if you have multiple stores, more sophisticated loyalty programs have become necessary to maximize your sales and profit potential,” he noted. The better you know your customer, the better you can meet their needs.”

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