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C-Store Inkjet Vending Machine

Combining the latest credit card based payment solution with a hardened and refrigerated outdoor environment, DonationsInk unveiled the AI-1000 inkjet vending machine for outdoor installation in convenience stores. The 72-in.-by-41-in.-by-36-in. machine has a small floor plate of 10.25 sq. in. and can sit on any concrete surface near an existing outside electrical outlet. The backlit cabinet features credit card processing and on-demand inventory replenishment system and also includes a recycle bin for customers' environmental disposal of used cell phones and inkjet cartridges. The nearly 30 percent gross profit margin of a typically priced inkjet generates the equivalent of a typical in-store purchase, the company said, without concern about moving existing in-store merchandise to accommodate the machine.

DonationsInk, Littleton, Colo.
(888) 781-7850;
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