C-Store Owners Move in to Protect Store

MILLVILLE, N.J. -- Some people say that if you want a job done right, you've got to do it yourself. The owners of Millvillle's One Stop Shop convenience store have taken that to heart when it comes to security; instead of relying on locks and alarms, they've taken to sleeping at the shop in order to prevent break-ins, according to an NBC40 report.

"Everywhere like, this happen now, so what can I do?" asked John Patel, whose parents own the store. According to Patel, the One Stop Shop has been robbed or broken into 17 times over the past six years, including twice on a recent weekend. "I know that it's probably the same person last three or 4 times," added Patel.

While One Stop Shop is equipped with surveillance cameras, they haven't proven to be a deterrent or helpful in identifying thieves after the fact. "We try," said Patel, "but night time, it's dark, so can't help really." Cartons of cigarettes and boxes of cigars seem to be the primary target. The unusual tactic seems to be effective; on the very first night they spent inside the store, there was another attempted break-in through the shop's boarded windows. "I wake up on the spot and they see me so they run," said Patel.

Though the break-ins present an intimidating picture, Patel reported that business has been good for the One Stop Shop, and the family intends to keep it running as long as possible, even if it means adjusting to their new sleeping accommodations. "It's scary and everything," said Patel, "but I have to do something."