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Cadbury Adams Creates Canada-Only Products

As part of a massive rebranding effort in Canada involving more than 60 brands, Cadbury Adams has introduced a new chocolate bar that is infused with maple.

"Maple is the quintessential Canadian taste and we had to find a way to bring it to market by striking just the right balance of quality Cadbury chocolate with a touch of maple," says Lesya Lysyj,senior vice president, marketing, Cadbury Adams Canada. "Combining maple with Caramilk chocolate was the obvious choice. A Caramilk bar is the sensual indulgence when Canadians want to spoil themselves, and Canadians, more than any one other country, enjoy chocolate for that indulgent pleasure."

Available currently in a single bar and later this year in a family-sized bar, Caramilk Maple is one of the newest chocolate innovations in a long line of Canadian-specific taste sensations developed by Cadbury. This list includes other Canadian classic creations like Mr. Big, Crispy Crunch and Wunderbar chocolate bars. In Canada, Cadbury also features Caramilk Thick and is introducing the Caramilk 2 Thick bar.

Canadians purchase 14.77 pounds of chocolate per person each year -- or about 162 bars annually, and chocolate is one of the most popular snacking options in Canada, second only to fruit.

The company has introduced eight new chocolate treats tailored specifically to the sophisticated tastes of Canadians. These include innovations such as the Cadbury Delight bar -- the first, mainstream, chocolate bar in Canada with 80 percent less sugar than a regular bar -- and Cadbury Thins chocolate -- a Canadian-made, Canadian innovation that satisfies chocolate cravings with only 100 calories per bar.

Cadbury Adams Canada is the country's largest confectionery company. It manufactures, markets and sells some of the country's leading chocolate, Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Cadbury Adams is a subsidiary of Cadbury Schweppes plc.
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