California's Quick Mart Seeks to Become a Household Name

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California's Quick Mart Seeks to Become a Household Name


LOS ANGELES — Quick Mart marked the opening of another store in Southern California as it positions itself to become a top player in the region's convenience store scene.

Its latest franchised location sits at the intersection of Florence and Van Ness avenues, near Inglewood and Los Angeles' popular Crenshaw District, according to India-West.

The Quick Mart is the company's first franchise in the heart Los Angeles, but the store aims to maintain its focus on community. The goal is similar to locations that recently opened in Murrieta — approximately two hours outside of Los Angeles — and Poway, a northeastern suburb of San Diego.

Bob Telson, who serves as a marketing consultant for Quick Mart's expansion, told the news outlet the company is taking steps to integrate itself within a community and connect with local residents and businesses.

"We focus on foodservice. We treat our customers right, give them a fair price for fair service. That's what drives this company," Telson said.

L. David Patterson, Quick Mart's vice president of operations, said the company's business plan is to ultimately become a household name in the convenience store industry.

"Quick Mart's vision is to dominate the marketplace. We're not focused on any particular neighborhood. We want to make sure we have a strong presence throughout California," Patterson told India-West. "We offer a better option for franchisees to be in business and build a business."

According to Patterson, Quick Mart could open as many as 25 new locations, including stores in Glendale and Anaheim, by the end of the year.

Raj Narang, vice president of sales for Quick Mart, said the Los Angeles store is just the first step as the franchise will be increasing its presence in California's largest city.

"This is the most exciting day for Quick Mart because this happens to be another flagship store. People have been waiting for this particular store," Narang said. "Our brand equity is really growing."