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Calorie-Burning Soft Drink Hits Carolina Convenience Stores

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. -- North and South Carolina may have a new secret weapon in the battle of the bulge. Celsius, the world's first-calorie burning soft drink, is now available at convenience stores such as Scotchman and Young's food stores throughout both states.

"We are excited to be the first to bring an innovative beverage that actually burns calories to the Carolinas," said Richard Mione, vice president of marketing for the Worsley Companies, which owns the Scotchman and Young's convenience stores. "Our stores are nationally recognized for innovative product offerings and Celsius, a great tasting, healthier soft drink, truly fits our market."

According to Steve Haley, president of Elite FX, the developer of Celsius, "Burning calories is a key component to healthy weight loss, and the basic premise behind Celsius. Celsius is the first soft drink that has been proven to boost your metabolism naturally so you burn more calories than you consume, creating `net-negative' calories."

A research study released at the International Society of Sports Nutrition earlier this year confirmed the unique calorie-burning properties of Celsius. Drinking one 12-ounce bottle of Celsius increases metabolism by more than 12 percent over a 3-hour period, which translates into burning up to 77 calories, based on an individual's metabolism.

The research showed that replacing a regular soft drink with a bottle of Celsius every day for one year, even with no change in exercise habits, a person could theoretically lose up to 17 pounds. Celsius gets its thermogenic power from a proprietary combination of natural botanicals, micronutrients, amino acids and caffeine. "Celsius fits a healthy lifestyle -- no high fructose corn syrup, no chemical preservatives, and no carbohydrates," said Haley.

Celsius is available in three flavors: cola, lemon/lime and ginger ale at major convenience stores throughout the Carolinas, St. Louis and Florida.
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